August Honoree:

The Joseph Holt Family

Joe Holt Jr. didn't realize that a summer trip to visit country relatives in 1957 was intended to save his life. After filing applications for the youngster to attend a junior high school in Raleigh, the family had begun receiving threats and his parents wanted to keep him safe. Joe Holt Sr. and Elwyna Holt believed strongly in the value of education and self-respect and they wanted their studious son to see himself as a first-class citizen in the wake of court orders mandating desegregation. So, in 1956, the Holts became the first African-American family to apply to all-white Josephus... Read Full Bio

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The Heritage Calendar 2014

The Heritage Calendar honors men and women of all races who have contributed significantly to the lives and experiences of African Americans in the State. In addition to monthly honorees, the calendar also highlights dates of significance in North Carolina and nationally.

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